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We can create an atmosphere of beauty and elegance using different types of lighting.  Call for a free quote!
Architectural and Uplighting.

Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your wedding room or event. Up-Lighting is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area.  It will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event room area, making it AMAZING!  If you have a specific color for your wedding or event, we have color controlled lighting.  With Architectural lighting, we can even place them outside the entrance of the facility, shine them up trees, into bushes and/or shrubbery, just about anywhere we need to spice up and add some color to create that amazing look you will remember forever. The wireless Uplighting at East Coast Productions can provide 256 different colors to match your decor or color palette.  

Custom Gobo Monograms.

We will help you choose a custom wedding or event Gobo for your special day. We can place the couple's names on the wall using a template.  We can also use a picture or you can choose from a wide range of messages to be placed on the wall.  A theatrical lighting instrument is used to project this image onto a wall, floor, or ceiling.  East Coast Productions uses high quality Source Four Jr,  Moving Heads or projectors to display your custom made, laser etched glass or steel gobos to produce a crisp, bright image. The image size is dependent on the distance from the projector to the wall but typically 6 feet in diameter. Please give us two weeks lead time to get Gobo cut to your needs.  We will take care of all the ordering and designs with your approval.

Lighting Packages.

We have many lighting packages that can add to the ambiance of the party, wedding or event.  We can bring in trussing, great for school proms, video screens and moving heads, which add a club feel to the party. We can uplight or pinspot a wedding cake or centerpiece.  We also have computer controlled moving heads that can be used for a wide range of appications.  Flood lighting and colors of choice are always available.  Creating amazing dance floor wash designs with Gobo projection and wash lighting. We even have the classic "Mirror Ball!" Whether it is LED or conventional lighting, we will make your room pop and amaze your guests or clients with this display of incredible art capturing the feel of the wedding or event with this dance floor or ceiling wash

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