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Digital Photo Wall
 We want to help capture every aspect of your wedding or event!  Today, everyone has phones that can take pictures, let us collect those pictures for you and place them on a live slideshow at your event! 
Introducing the Digital Photo Wall. We will provide a phone number that all of your guests can text their photos to.  ​Once approved, the photos will be shown in real time on a slideshow that is shown on a  large 70 inch TV or projection screen for all to see!  You will receive every photo on the slideshow after your event has finished!
We will provide all of the equipment for the
Digital Photo Wall:


  • Banner or table frame with information (phone number and QR code) on where to text your photos to.

  • TV Screen or Projector and Projector screen (different sizes available) to display your photos.

  • Live real-time photo moderation service is included.  All photos will be screened prior to it going onto the wall.  No vulgar or unprofessional photos will make it to the Digital Photo wall.

  • Link at the end of the event to all of the photos.

  • Album print outs of all photos are also available. 

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