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Thank  you Hawaii for over 15 years of support.  East Coast Productions is closed and our entire inventory of Audio, Video, Lighting, Trussing and everything in the warehouse (shelving units, storage containers and shipping boxes) are up for sale.  We are selling all of our inventory and DJ gear including storage.  If you are interested in purchasing individual equipment for your personal use or business, all of our inventory is for sale.  We will sell everything for $10K (worth 7 times more than that) till the end of May. 


If you are interested in purchasing all of the equipment, please contact me prior to 1 JUNE 2023. 


Starting 1 JUNE 2023 until 27 JUN 2023, we will see individual items, priority going to those who want to purchase more than 1k worth of equipment.  Pages on this website will convert to show individual prices of items.   All items are gently used and work.  Cosmetically the equipment may have minor scratches but all equipment is sold as is.  We have cases, racks, lighting, audio, video, trussing, projectors, even carts to transport your gear.  Money talks, so name your best price. 

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